Beijing 作 为一只 鸟 As a Bird

Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Beijing. Two figures, two artists, Saimaiyu Akesuk’s Rippling Birds and Sparkling Bird are here intersected by Alex Fischer.

Saimaiyu’s confident drawings with bold and dynamic simplicity are rendered with soft tenderness and often a touch of whimsy. Alex’s fashioning of Saimaiyu’s characters into models here amplifies their presence.

A presence of standing being sensitive to the waves and stars. A proud character.

作 为一只 鸟 As a Bird, 2023, 84 × 58 × 58 inches, water cut aluminum with printed and painted surfaces.

Toronto Story Tree

Story Tree, 2020, ≅15’×15’∅ aluminium tree, acrylic paint, pine base with steel counterweight on display at Canada Goose, Yorkdale Mall, Toronto, Canada

Qavavau Manumie’s drawings are the seeds from which Story Tree has grown. Manumie’s work is idiosyncratic and often amusing in his depictions of Inuit legends and mythology, Arctic wildlife and contemporary aspects of Inuit life. It is through this lens of cultural wisdom and whimsy that Alex Fischer has interpreted Manumie’s drawings for Story Tree. Equally significant is the influence of Kenojouac Ashevak, and Inuit art forebears to Fischer’s practice of digitally collecting, collaging and redrawing a site-specific tribute with a presence of its own.

Through the simplest means of bi-fold asymmetry, Fischer has planted Manumie’s drawings in physical space. Story Tree brings together distinct Northern and Southern perspectives with the mind of the viewer as their integral subject.