Detroit Lemon Tea & untitled greens

Some spry spritz and rise from hot plasma and cold ocean swells. Just a taste. Lemon Tea and untitled greens are paired together here as light box imagery and conceptual bridges. These are a likening to worlds between worlds and of our presence and the gestures we make being an inseparable aspect of the places we visit.

Willow Checker

There was a willow that hung over the farmhouse that I grew up in, but it was cut down when I was still quite small. Despite knowing its stump well I think a part of me is still looking for that tree.

Dublin Portal

Shadow Integration as a delicate digital folding. The world swirls around the conscious persona. But here we are, gazing into the gray, not in it but with it. Witnessing the surplus of reality that resists.

Commissioned as a part of the NAMARA curated Canada Goose art collection in Dublin, Ireland along with a custom Fischer assisted textiles of original artworks by Ningiukulu Teeve and Quvianaqtuk Pudlate as well as a selection of other drawings and prints by Kinngait artists.

Harbin 在司徒 In Situ

Alex Fischer: 24 hour animation loop on a 18’×9′ LED Video Display
Polymetis landscape waveform: 20’×60′ polymer, steel, lights

In the summer 2021 Canada Goose commissioned artist duo Polymetis and Alex Fischer to create an installation for a 20’x60′ public window display in the heart of Harbin China. Historically, in ancient China, “Situ” was one of the highest-ranking government offices, with an original translation meaning Administrator of Land. As artists we perform a similar survey on the natures from which we bear witness.

In Situ 在司徒, 2021
presented as a looped 24 hour 18’×9′ LED at Harbin Charter Mall, Harbin, China

The situation of this landscape is an urban setting flanked by billboard graphics, sidewalks, and major daily traffic. With repeat passings likely, the animation, a monolith of light on a 1-hour loop, is intended to appear as an assortment of abstract views. While there may be more depth found in repeat or longer viewings, the content of this animation comes across at any glance. The scenes transition at the pace of slow deep breaths with a steady calm and effervescent rhythm of rivers, fields, and the night glow of local festivals. 

Shanghai 海上 ᐃᒻᒪᕕᒻᒥ Upon the Sea

ᐃᒻᒪᕕᒻᒥ Upon the Sea 海上, 2020, ≅15’×15′ water cut aluminium, white paint. On display at CG iAPM, Shanghai, China.

Inspired by the work of Qavavau Manumie.
Canada Goose commissioned ᐃᒻᒪᕕᒻᒥ Upon the Sea 海上 for their flagship Shanghai location. This piece was designed with the building facade in mind, as a way of creating a unique artist presentation, viewable from the store interior and exterior, alike.

A suspended sea plant landscape of where the ocean meets the land. A convergence. Fischer used linework from traditional Chinese landscape painting, illustrations of neuronal bridges, and representational elements from Manumie’s drawing practice.

Shanghai is located where the confluence of two rivers meets the Pacific ocean. The piece is intended to be an embodiment of where different worlds meet referring both to Canadian culture in China, and Southern Canadian and Inuit cultures represented in this piece.


Innervation of Purkinje Cells, Courtesy of the Cajal Institute, Spanish National Research Council or CSIC
Qavavau ManumieUntitled, 2016, 585×760mm / 23×30inch coloured pencil, graphite, and ink on paper
Qavavau ManumieUntitled, 2016, 585×760mm / 23×30inch coloured pencil, graphite, and ink on paper
Qavavau Manumieuntitled (Berry Picking), 2006-2007, 508×660mm / 20×26inch coloured pencil, pentel pen on paper
Qavavau Manumieuntitled (people and stick figures), 2008, 508×660mm / 20×26inch coloured pencil, graphite, and ink on paper


ᐃᒻᒪᕕᒻᒥ Upon the Sea 海上 aluminium fabrication at Baoding Hailong Metal
ᐃᒻᒪᕕᒻᒥ Upon the Sea 海上 aluminium fabrication at Baoding Hailong Metal