Harbin 在司徒 In Situ

Alex Fischer: 24 hour animation loop on a 18’×9′ LED Video Display
Polymetis landscape waveform: 20’×60′ polymer, steel, lights

In the summer 2021 Canada Goose commissioned artist duo Polymetis and Alex Fischer to create an installation for a 20’x60′ public window display in the heart of Harbin China. Historically, in ancient China, “Situ” was one of the highest-ranking government offices, with an original translation meaning Administrator of Land. As artists we perform a similar survey on the natures from which we bear witness.

In Situ 在司徒, 2021
presented as a looped 24 hour 18’×9′ LED at Harbin Charter Mall, Harbin, China

The situation of this landscape is an urban setting flanked by billboard graphics, sidewalks, and major daily traffic. With repeat passings likely, the animation, a monolith of light on a 1-hour loop, is intended to appear as an assortment of abstract views. While there may be more depth found in repeat or longer viewings, the content of this animation comes across at any glance. The scenes transition at the pace of slow deep breaths with a steady calm and effervescent rhythm of rivers, fields, and the night glow of local festivals. 


Rooms 2021-04-27 — 2021-05-06
Using layer masks and distortions from Petra Cortright’s “Room” NFT project Fischer created a series of 9 transparencies similar to image files that preserve some sense of the original alpha channels.


Inspired by the essay Malinche and The End of The World by Franco “Bifo” Berardi in e-flux journal’s The Internet Does Not Exist published by Sternberg Press.

The myth of Malinche tells of a world ended and of a woman caught between two cultures, translating the words of conquerors and the conquered. As a symbol of colonization and cultural subjugation, she represents the loss of an indigenous way of life and the assimilation to the colonizers’ language and values. The myth speaks to the pain of a world lost and the struggle to understand and survive in a new reality.

Malinche, 160825, photographed oil and projection on wood 14 × 10 in