Willow Checker

There was a willow that hung over the farmhouse that I grew up in, but it was cut down when I was still quite small. Despite knowing its stump well I think a part of me is still looking for that tree.


Rooms 2021-04-27 — 2021-05-06
Using layer masks and distortions from Petra Cortright’s “Room” NFT project Fischer created a series of 9 transparencies similar to image files that preserve some sense of the original alpha channels.


Coronas, 2022-200309, a unique 32×40 inch matte gicleé on aluminum

Made after visiting several NYC art fairs in the days leading up to the first COVID-19 lockdowns.
We may imagine variants on how things meet and diverge, invisible fields, false dichotomies, gravities and bloomings. The sense that through pollination things may become more than what they have been.

Coronas (Zoom animation)