Art Toronto v Stable Diffusion


Art Toronto is Canada’s foremost international art fair, which took place from October 26—29, 2023, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. As a frequent visitor to art fairs, I’ve made it a habit over several years to capture and share some artworks that catch my eye. After exploring DALL·E 2 potential for extrapolating visual likeness with 2022 Art Toronto captures, I decided to extend the experiment with Stable Diffusion and explore how various AI image-to-image extrapolations have evolved since then.

Practice over the previous year has informed my understanding that Stable Diffusion XL provided one of the more robust toolsets for iterating and tweaking parameters. The results, seen below, are example of the greater nuance of this year’s AIs. However, they also often reveal compromises or obfuscation surrounding tropes, subjects, and pattern recognition.

This gesture is made with great respect for the original artworks and artists. These extrapolations would not be possible without the foundational jumping-off points provided by their artistic creations. The connection between those original gestures and the potential for others to extrapolate from artistic vocabularies is a rapidly shifting realm.

Murray Clarke, Two Hands, 2023 oil on canvas, 47⅕ × 39⅖ in. Presented by Duran|Mashaal.
Elise Lafontaine, Blue harmony, oil on linen and cotton stitching, 69 × 49 in. Presented by Pangée
Julia Dault, High On the Supply, 2023, acrylic and printed mesh on canvas, 71 × 50 in. Presented by Bradley Ertaskiran.
Michael Smith, Navigator Series – Seventh Wave, 2023, acrylic on canvas 64 × 52 in. Presented by Nicholas Metivier Gallery
Janet Werner, Orange Chair, 2021, oil on canvas 31 × 24 in. Presented by Bradley Ertaskiran.
Kent Monkman, Intermediary Study for Grandmother Knew All the Medicines,
2022, acrylic on canvas. Presented by Art Canada Institute.
Margaux Smith, Mycelial Network, 2021 , 36 × 48 in oil on panel. Presented by Clint Roenisch.
Rosalie Gamache, Un printemps, 2023, huile sur toile de lin, 60 x 48 in. Presented by Duran|Mashaal.
Bea Parsons, Stellar Balance: Celestial Grasp of the Unseen Thread, 2023, monotype on stonehenge paper 30 × 22 in. Presented by McBride Contemporain.
Jennifer Carvalho, oil on canvas 2023. Presented by Franz Kaka.
Pardiss Amerian, chimonanthus (aka gole yakh, wintersweet), 2023, oil on linen 36 × 30 in. Presented by Zalucky Contemporary.
Per Adolfsen, 2023, colored pencil on hahnemühle paper, 16½ × 11⅘ in. Presented by dianna witte gallery.
Jordan Bennett, Nitap: Ne’wt, 2020, acrylic on cradled birch panel 36 × 36 in. Presented by IOTA Institute Gallery.
Kristine Moran, untitled (drawing while walking), 2023⁠, oil on paper⁠ 18½ × 14¾ in. Presented by Daniel Faria Gallery.
Bradley Wood, A Tree Falls Through 2, 2023
oil on linen 49 × 34 in. Presented by Bau-Xi Gallery.
Giulia Dall’Olio, g 19][374 d, 2023, charcoal and acrylic on canvas 59⅒ × 39⅖ in. Presented by Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister.
Chang Wang, All Living Beings, mineral colour
(2×) 120 × 160 cm
David Milne (1882-1953), oil on canvas 16 × 20 in. Presented by Masters Gallery Ltd.
Gary Evans, Untitled 21, 2014, oil on canvas 54 × 42 in. Presented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art.
Manuel Mathieu, Le nœud [The Knot], 2023, mixed media on burnt canvas 80 × 75 in. Presented by Galerie Hugues Charbonneau.
Qavavau Manumie. Presented by Feheley Fine Arts.
Saimaiyu Akesuk. Presented by Feheley Fine Arts.
Rob Nicholls, Pavilion of Dreams, 2023, oil on canvas 62 × 72 in. Presented by Equinox Gallery.
Scott Everingham, The Lantern, 2023, oil on canvas 28 × 22 in. Presented by VivianeArt.
Tim Gardner. Presented by Monte Clark
Shaheer Zazai. Presented by Patel Brown.
Van Maltese, Empty pockets no. 3, 2023, oil on panel, red oak frame, cast bronze, enamel, magnets 57½ × 48½ × 2½ in. Presented by Cooper Cole.
Zachari Logan, Canto #4, 2021, blue pencil on mylar 20½ × 18 in. Presented by Paul Petro Contemporary Art.
Winnie Truong, Tafoni, 2023, coloured pencil, cut paper collage 20 × 16 in. Presented by Patel Brown.
Rick Leong, Wild Willow, 2019, oil on canvas 96 × 72 in. Presented by Bradley Ertaskiran.