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Alex Fischer, born in 1986, is an artist who, since the turn of the century, has explored digital media and painting as a dynamic canvas, reflecting early engagements with software from a rural family farm near Formosa, Canada to the latest imaging technologies and often collaborative sense of assisted approach. The work, echoing the inventive spirit of Fluxus and the reflective nature of Nouveau Réalisme, deeply engages with the interconnected realms of digital and natural environments.

In their portfolio, the fusion of the artificial with the organic, the interfacing of technology in daily life, and the transformation of identity through digital means coalesce into a compelling narrative. This narrative not only mirrors our current digital epoch but actively contributes to the discourse on evolving human conditions. Through a sophisticated layering of media, Fischer invites viewers to navigate the complexities of a reality where technology simultaneously obscures and clarifies the boundaries of self and nature.

Their creative process is characterized by the use of digital tools not merely as instruments but as collaborative partners, facilitating a rapid exploration of visual space. This approach allows Fischer to merge their artistic vision with the capabilities of modern technology, creating works that are both introspective and expansive.

Fischer's work incorporates themes from media theory, particularly the concepts of the simulacrum and hyperreality, reflecting on the omnipresence of digital culture. Their art prompts a reevaluation of the authenticity of our interactions within this mediated landscape, suggesting profound shifts in human experience shaped by technological narratives. This perspective invites viewers to contemplate the intricate relationship between the global digital milieu and individual human consciousness.

Through a commitment to blending technical skill with philosophical depth, Fischer produces works that are visually striking and intellectually stimulating. Each piece engages critically with contemporary issues, challenging viewers to reconsider the role of technology in art and society. Through this approach, Fischer makes a significant contribution to discussions about the future of artistic practice in a digitally augmented world, establishing the work as pivotal in both artistic and academic circles.

Alex Fischer received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours, from York University in 2010, and has since raised several personal solo exhibitions and bodies of work through NAMARA projects, O’Born Contemporary, Circuit Gallery @ Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, and Angell Gallery as well as being a finalist in the RBC Canadian Painting Competition, The Power Plant (2016). Recent projects include: Non-Natural, Sage Culture (2024). Portal in Dublin, Ireland (2023). 作 为一只 ⻦ As a Bird with Saimaiyu Akesuk, Beijing, China (2023). Art Show, NAMARA Projects, Toronto (2022). 在司徒 In Situ with Polymetis, Harbin, China (2021). ᐃᒻᒪᕕᒻᒥ Upon the Sea 海上 with Qavavau Manumie, Shanghai, China (2021), Story Tree with Qavavau Manumie, Toronto, Canada (2020). Alex's studio practice is currently based in Toronto, Canada.


Commissions & Sales

Alex Fischer is currently an unrepresented independent studio. Works are available on an as-quoted basis or as listed on Artsy.net.
Much of what may be seen here exists as an original work or limited edition archival print. Editions, original paintings, and commissions can be shipped / installed worldwide A benefit of assisted strategies is some projects can be realized quickly. e-mail for more information.

Thank Yous

A heartfelt thank you to those who have helped make this practice possible: family, friends, fabricators, techs and gallerists as well as the generous patronage of BNY Mellon, Donald O'Born, Canada Goose, Eqitable Bank, Leith Wheeler, Shrigley Battrick, Equinor, TD Bank Group, The Ontario Arts Council and many other private collectors and supporters.

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