Art Toronto v Stable Diffusion,
Detroit Lemon Tea & untitled greens,
Alex Fischer, Willow Checker, 72 × 48 in oil and acrylic on wood
Willow Checker,
♫ Playlist,
Alex Fischer, Checker Fluid, 2023-08-16, digital image
Checker Fluid,
Miami Pairs Pop-up,
Beijing 作 为一只 鸟 As a Bird,
Alex Fischer, Portal, 320cm × 385 cm Lightbox of a digital landscape
Dublin Portal,
Broken Pattern,
Gwynplaine has a permanent smile carved on his face by the King,
Cardboard Ideas,
untitled 230129,
The darkness was a living thing a pulsing breathing entity that seemed to be closing in on them,
Trio of plants,
untitled 230106,
Five Alarm Studio Fire,
Art Toronto v DALL·E 2,
ART SHOW @ NAMARA projects,
♫ Playlist,
Grass Clippings,