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Alex Fischer is a visual artist who redefines the intersection of art and technology. They perceive digital tools as vital collaborators, akin to partners in a dance of creation that blurs the lines between the animate and inanimate, singular, plural and imaginary binaries. Fischer’s work is a testament to the symbiotic relationship between artist, technology, and the natural world, exploring the nuanced dialogues within this triad. Their approach is a sophisticated blend of digital mastery and philosophical inquiry, where AI and human creativity converge to challenge and expand the art world’s horizons. Through a practice marked by deep collaboration and an ethical commitment to expanding art's reach, Fischer crafts pieces that not only navigate but also illuminate the complex web of connections defining contemporary art and its multifaceted conversations.

Commissions & Sales

Alex Fischer is currently an unrepresented independent studio.

Much of what may be seen here exists as an original work or limited edition archival print. Editions, original paintings, and commissions can be shipped / installed worldwide. Works are only available on an as-quoted basis or as listed on Artsy.net. You can also e-mail for more information.

A heartfelt thank you to those who have helped make this practice possible: family, friends, fabricators, techs and gallerists as well as the generous patronage of BNY Mellon, Donald O'Born, Canada Goose, Eqitable Bank, Leith Wheeler, Shrigley Battrick, Equinor, TD Bank Group, The Ontario Arts Council and many other private collectors and supporters.

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artwork © Alex Fischer 2024

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